Future Impacts

Collaborative as Trusted Convenor and Facilitator

Sandoval County faces many challenges in its pursuit of a healthy and health-aware population. Healthcare itself in our community is inconsistently delivered to diverse and geographically widespread population groups. Access to health services varies widely among those groups. Reaching a consensus on healthcare policy and performance requires a common vision built from grass-roots input, with good will and respect. And yet, different interest groups seem to be repeating the failed Vietnam peacekeepers of 50 years ago who could not agree on the shape of the conference table.

Sandoval Health Collaborative strives to find common interests among healthcare providers, payors and health service consumers that lead to better outcomes. We believe reaching common paths to community health requires:

  • Establishing trust, optimism, and common goals among seekers of a more perfect healthcare system.
  • Sharing of resources to address inequities in our current fragmented system
  • Convening economic leaders and medical education representatives in addition to healthcare reformers, government, nationally recognized experts and the general public in joint effort — a collaborative, if you will — working in an atmosphere of trust and seeking a common good.